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    "A World Brand" in Chandelier
    A World Brand in Chandlier
    Adds Elegance to Your Place
    Adds Value to Your Brand
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    Innovative Design
    Advantageous Deals
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Reward of Your Trust and Your Value

Eraylar Elektrik offers you the most efficient product with the price/performance in the target product.

Delivery and supply

Eraylar Elektrik has adopted the principle of combining systematic route and cargo infrastructure with its experienced personnel and adding speed to your operations.

Sector Follow-up

Eraylar Elektrik takes the fast action in the new products entering the market and informs its dealers and directs them in the current correct stock.


Eraylar Electric has succeeded in becoming a company that is constantly being updated and renewed by renewing its product diversity.

24/7 Help Center

Eraylar is always on your side with its expert team.